Wednesday, November 19, 2014

An Office Window

Well, not quite ready to show you the whole room....
actually the room is not ready to show you its whole space?
You know what I mean...I am not there yet.

I posted this on Instagram today... just had to share part of my new happiness.

I want you to see this lovely new window that now provides my view when I work from home.
The old window was a foot shorter....a good foot shorter....which meant sitting at my desk I saw nothing really unless I looked up...sorta.

Yep, I am in love.
Now to get some bulbs planted in that urn.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Approaching Normal

 Life is slowly getting back to normal around here.
We have had construction guys in and out over the last few weeks.
The weather has become a major obstacle and caused several delays.
It all started with rain and ended with this lovely white stuff.

At the end of every day I have tried hard to piece our home back together.
Replacing windows and the entry door has been a huge job 
and a dirty one.
And of course we were not just replacing old windows with new ones ...
oh no...
we decided to replace these 70's style windows with much larger ones which would
expand the views from the bedrooms.
And we also replaced the single entry door with a double entry door.
We did keep the same sized windows on the front of the house as they are already quite large.

Now that the windows are all in upstairs
I have been able to get my office assembled.
That is almost ready to share....not quite...but almost.

You can still see remnants of the "workmen" in the house.
Slipcover for the ottoman is in the wash.
I feel like I am forever dusting.....oh boy.... I despise dusting.
The house has been feeling quite grey.... sort of B&W if you know what I mean. 

If you look closely at these photos you can see that there is still some taping to be done for the drywall... these armoire doors will soon have to close up for that project.

I just needed some sanity last night so I re-filled this armoire with cook books etc.
Perhaps jumping the gun,
as workmen are expected here tomorrow to finish all the details.

To the right of this image is a stack of wood trim that will go around each window on the outside of the house as a finishing detail.
That was how I spent my weekend.
Of course given the arrival of snow I did not want to leave that trim exposed until next spring....

Anyway, details....all details now.
I am looking forward to the next step which will be decorating for Christmas.
Have you already started??

Saturday, November 8, 2014

A Mess in Progress

You know how deep down you realize that
things have to get messy first
before they "get good"?

Well, I am struggling to hold on to that thought.

Finally the door has been installed....
we have been watching the weather closely as little flakes start to fall around us.

There was a surprise with the door design that we are now going to have to figure out
but I think we have... I will save that for another post.

Oh yah, it is a mess.... everything all over the place
that is part of the process...right?

So, chimney gone..... check.
Old door gone....check.
New stairs off back to match the front....check.
Close in the underside of deck with sliding barn style doors to hide storage..... next up.
Finding new location for bbq.... figuring that out.

Yep... a real mess.....

And, on the other side of these doors is a whole new reality.
Crazy how replacing a single door with double doors
changes your "optimal" floor plan for furnishings.

But it does.

Once the front windows are replaced next week
I will get started on that.
Stay tuned. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Recently, we had family here for a spontaneous, although rather short, visit.
As usual, I love to get ready by sprucing up the house with the addition of fresh flowers and little touches that may make our family feel more special.

I think the whole process becomes a combination of me feeling good about our home while
hoping they feel welcomed into our space.

Living far away from them means that these special get togethers are less frequent
and therefore we tend to have this heightened sense of purpose in ensuring that it is a wonderful time for all.

In general, I feel somewhat compelled,
to up the ante while they are here.

You know what I mean? 
The menu gets a little more elaborate than it might have been.
The need for flowers in the bedrooms becomes an "obvious" necessity...
although straightening lampshades... not always  :)

Matter of fact.... a 9.99$ bouquet of Costco flowers goes a long way.

The purchase of granny's favourite chocolates is a clear must.
Delicate desserts which normally do not appear around here on a week night... are suddenly in the works.

Life just ventures down this lovely little side road for a few days.
It's nice.
Even Jack waits by the door in anticipation.

And usually the breaking away from your regular routine,
opens the way for a new memory-making experience to flow into your life.

These days given the rapid changes taking place with members of our family
due to Alzheimers and Dementia,
we tend to grab hold of these opportunities and embrace them the best way we can.
I have talked about our  dear Greta in a past post over here. (just click)

She tends to enjoy activities such as assembling a puzzle.
Although not easy for her she loved watching our daughter and handing her pieces.

Not something we normally do on a busy Sunday night when we are all focused on the week ahead.
But,  it reminds us of the importance of dropping our routine when these opportunities present themselves....
and allowing ourselves to move with the moment.

When they left we were glad that we did.
We had a perfect few days of memory-making.
Short as it was, it doesn't take more that that.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Tarte au Citron

Okay, so if you are looking for a light and creamy lemon filling
with a lovely topping of meringue
than... this is not for you.

But then again,
if you are looking for easy, delicious and a sure hit at a dinner party
then this  just might be  what you are looking for.

Simply put, the lemon filling is:

4 eggs
juice of three lemons
zest of 1 lemon
three quarter cup of sugar
one quarter cup of butter

I basically stir together the eggs and the lemon juice,
melt the butter and the sugar on low heat,
add in the egg mixture
and cook on low to medium heat until it starts to thicken.
I do whisk it often as it is cooking.

The great thing about this receipe,
other than being extremely easy,
is that it is very lemon-y and not too sweet.

The crust helps to add in the sweet factor
provides you with a nice combination of sweet and slightly sour.

The crust is easy too,
a half cup of butter
one third cup of sugar.
one quarter teaspoon of vanilla
and one cup of flour.

I lightly brown the crust in the oven at about 350
for approximately 5 minutes.

And then I add the curd,
pop it back in the oven for about 15 minutes
until it appears to be firming up.

Very hard to go wrong with this one.
I like to think of this as one of those recipes you make when you have very little in the cupboard
and possibly some lemons that need using.

A party of 4 took care of this tarte au citron last night,
and as you can see,
some nibbling was going on....

I like to call this one....
a Rustic Tarte au Citron.
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