Sunday, June 7, 2009

Festival d'été

Québec city is home to one of the largest outdoor music festivals in the province..  This year from the 9th to the 19 of July musicians from all facets of the music industry will arrive on the scene to perform at one of the many venues set up around the city for this exciting event.  Most of the shows take place outdoors at three different sites established in the upper town.
The larger shows, as demonstrated by the crowd in this photo, take place on the Plains of Abraham.  The Parc de la Francophonie, located behind the parliament buildings, and Place D'Youville are the other two hot spots for hearing anything from classical, pop to rap music.
Many restaurants also participate and host a variety of musicians.  Jazz lovers can be sure to hear some great tunes and  enjoy a wonderful meal if they head down to the Restaurant Largo on Rue St. Joseph in nouvo St-Roch.
Buy a pass and go from one great show to another.

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