Monday, July 13, 2009

FOOD! Eating out in Vieux Québec!

I usually avoid most restaurants in Vieux-Québec due to the crowds and the prices.  In addition to that I have also been disappointed quite often by the quality.
Quebec City Funiculaire By Luciano from Roma, Italy

Well, this summer we have made our usual trek down to the old city with friends and family and this time I have been pleasantly surprised.  The old city is a must for everyone to see but if you are on a budget then you will be looking for good food at a reasonable price.  
So....I strongly recommend that at lunch time, 'l'heure du dîner', you stop in at Café-Boulangerie Paillard.  It is located at 1097 rue St-Jean, in the upper town.  They serve a great sandwich with soup and dessert.  All of this for under $10.  You need to line up to order your sandwich and then grab a spot at one of the long communal tables.  They have a daily sandwich special and a large selection of home-made soup.  It is actually the best soup I have had in this part of the city.  
The other surprise I had was dining at Le Pain Beni.  I have read great reviews of this restaurant on Trip Advisor but I usually tend to avoid restaurants around Chateau Frontenac since they are likely tourist traps.  But....I was very pleased.  The pasta dish that was recommended by our waiter was wonderful.  The pizzas looked a bit disappointing but I strongly recommend their pasta.
We also ventured back to the Café du Monde located in the port across from the Musée de la Civilisation.  My children adore this restaurant since is it lively, bright and full of people.  The bistro appeal and the great staff always make it a must.  Once again though my husband ordered his favourite bistro dish, steak-frites, and was disappointed.  Of course he has already tried their steak-frites but seems to think that surely they will get it right this time.
Anyway, they are known for their confit du canard, chicken and tasty mussels.  Their desserts are wonderful and definitely the star attraction for our children.

Jardins Saint Roch by Gilbert Bochenek
Down on rue St-Joseph, in Saint Roch, we went back for another try at Le Café du Clocher Penché.  We have never been disappointed there and it is definitely a great spot to take visitors since it is not in the hustle and bustle of the old city where all the tourists tend to congregate.  This is an equally great spot for brunch!  The atmosphere is that of a wonderful old French bistro, the staff are great and the food is equally wonderful.  Desserts are a must try and sure to satisfy. The only complaint I have heard from our friends is that the tables are a little too close to one another.  
But, hey, when you are enjoying a lovely glass of red wine with a wonderful array of food in front of you....and friends on either side....well you hardly notice the tables around you!  And really, that is what a bistro scene is all about, people, good times, great food and lovely wine!

Here are my fellow foodies!!

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