Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm Back and What's With the Teeny Tiny Wine Glasses!!

Well after a long break from my blog I have finally found my way back!
I could blame it on my work, my family, the weather but the truth is I can't blame anybody or anything other than myself. Soooooo........
Anyway, in the meantime I have discovered some new places in the city. Not all good mind you. I was looking for places to go for pre-dinner drinks and have found that it has not been easy. I am not a big beer fan at this time of the year and it seems that beer is what most places do best. The other night I went for drinks at L'Inox on Grande-Allée. Beer is their specialty and I strongly suggest you stick to their beer. Although they offered two different wines, their wine glasses are hilarious. The bartender insisted that the wine glass was 5 ounces as if that somehow excused the size of the glass. I laughed when I saw the glass. Of course I do realize that was perhaps a tad rude, but really, the glass reminded me of a beer commercial that I have been seeing lately where everybody is drinking teeny-tiny drinks and the beer drinker is drinking from a regular sized glass. Of course I realized that I too should be drinking beer. When the bill came my wine cost almost 10 dollars and my friends beer was less than $3!!
I soon realized something else and this discovery did not leave me happy. We decided to then head out for a cheap dinner. Our travels took us to an inexpensive pasta restaurant. The smell of garlic bread was quite alluring but once again I was stunned to see the identical style wine glass. This time, however, we were paying for a nice bottle of wine and it just seemed ludicrous that the wine glass did not enhance our experience. Again I voiced my concern with the size of the wine glass and got the line, 'well madame we are not a high end gourmet restaurant'.... I had to agree but I was confused by his selection of wines that sell around $20 at the liquor store and over $35 in his restaurant. Had he simply offered a house wine that he served in a 1/4, 1/2 and litre format then I might have agreed with him and forgave him for the teeny tiny wine glass BUT when I am paying for a nice bottle of wine then I expect a wine glass that allows me to at least enjoy the full potential of my wine.
Okay, enough ranting for tonight. I wonder if I can stash my own wine glass in my purse for future evenings on the town???

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