Sunday, August 22, 2010


Okay so one of my friends suggested that I may be hormonal and that is the reason why renovating the stairs turned into renovating the whole kitchen.....banging out walls, laying new floors and ....well....spending lots of money!!!
The money part I am not liking but the results of spending the money I am loving so far.
Only problem,
too many choices, lead to too many decisions.
Below is the before shot and you can see where we opened up the wall in the upper photo.  The door to the right in the below pic is now closed in and the fridge will go in that space
The window that is going to replace this window is twice the width and taller so it will
 sit just above the counter.

Our main level is now officially open concept.  By opening the wall we have changed the entrance to the bathroom since the door that was leading to the bathroom was right next to the diningroom.  That has always been a pet peeve for me.  It will also now allow us to have a pantry off of the kitchen which is something I have always wanted.

More to come!

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