Monday, September 27, 2010

Let the light shine in!!!

Okay, window installation has begun and the new kitchen window is in and we are lovin' it!!
The extra light that it provides is astounding.  This morning when I came down the stairs and looked into the kitchen I was so pleased to see all the fall colours staring back at me!!

So, still more steps to go in this whole renovation thing but so far so good!
I love looking at the before and afters:
Here is the old kitchen with the cupboards that never looked clean. This kitchen served us well for the time but only having one drawer finally got the better of me.

 ..and here is the new much larger kitchen as the fridge is now where the old door used to be.
the old, new angle....... and you can see the door which will provide perspective as to the shift of everything to the right to make way for the new opening.

the new!!!

So, another window replacement to go in on the weekend(small window in the distance gets a lot larger) backsplash and stainless steel counter tops.

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