Saturday, October 23, 2010

Back to Basics

Okay, so I am on a back-to-basics kick.
This past summer I started to realize that many of us are feeling the stress of this fast-paced world and choosing alternative lifestyles that provide us with a sense of something "real" and "tangible". No major changes really but basic changes like growing vegetables in your backyard, taking time to make that pie, perhaps riding your bike instead of hopping into your car....simple things.

So, I put up the clothesline.  No reaction yet from any neighbours but that smell of the outdoors on our clothing has gotten everybody in the family excited.
Bought a gadget, pastry blender, like my mother always used and started making pies with my daughter. Picking the apples was a big part of the experience too! And of course the new kitchen is  inspiring us all.
I grew tomatoes and herbs in my backyard and next year I plan to establish a small vegetable garden.
Not much, I know.
But, if it means that I shut down this computer more often, use my hands for something other than texting on my cell phone and spend time with my children passing along some basic skills such as cooking in our new kitchen....well....that is and will be pretty impessive I think.

So, here goes my attempt to get back-to-basics one step at a time.

Fast Forward Is Driving Me Backwards!!!

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