Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Belugas at home in the Saint Lawrence!


This past summer we headed up to Tadoussac to visit my daughter while she was working at the Hotel Tadoussac. It is a small village nestled in the hills where the St. Lawrence meets the Saguenay River.  This is for sure one of our favourite spots in the entire province.
On this trip I took a new and now dear friend up for her first visit. We only had a few days to spend with family and friends but the chance to see these beautiful mammals makes this type of experience last a life-time.
So, without further explanation, I believe, the beauty of these creatures and this little village says it all........enjoy.

The Saguenay River meeting the Fleuve St. Laurent

Beautiful relaxing beach

Girls posing in their zodiac gear!

Hotel Tadoussac from the beach

Tide is out

Off they go!

One of the lovely Tadoussac cottages!

Blueberry picking with a view.

Hotel Tadoussac was the site for the filming of Hotel New Hampshire in 1984.

I love the architecture in small villages across the province. This is a very typical roofline.

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