Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Party Tradition

The Christmas party is the official first party of the holiday season for us!  It is a great time for adults and children to share in on the excitement of the upcoming holiday.
We build little houses out of graham crackers that resemble gingerbread houses so that each child, young and old, can decorate with candies of all sorts.

This is the first year that Sarah helped me to make all these houses.  I am happy to pass this tradition on to her and hope that one day she will do the same for her friends and family.

The flat roofs are for the youngest children since they have a tendency to break the more fragile peak-roofed houses.

This little one has been known to eat all of her candies in the first 24 hours following the party!

We have been carrying out this tradition for 16 years so many of these young ones have become pros.  And of course the adults are quite good at this as well!

As a matter of fact we had our first-ever log cabin!!  There were some structural flaws as we later found out but certainly this individual plans on re-working his design for 2011!

Once the houses are built, the food has been eaten ....well... nothing like a bit of dancin'!!!!!!

So....let the festivities begin!!!!
Christmas!!......bring it on!!

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