Saturday, January 8, 2011

I Quit Facebook....Really!!!

Last night I posted a message to inform my Facebook (FB) friends that I was leaving.  I then proceeded to delete all my photos in an attempt to erase all visual traces of my online persona.  It all felt like a necessary  exercise that would ultimately seal the deal on my ability to disconnect.

So, this morning, with a few clicks of my mouse I quite Facebook (FB). Apparently I have fourteen days in which I cannot connect with FB or any of their affiliates.  If I do then I risk my account being reinstated.

Hmmm...affiliates?  There in lies my problem.  It seems everything and one is somehow connected to FB

The other night I watched the documentary The Facebook Obsession. I listened to all the talk and discussion around virtual reality and wondered what I was really getting out of this online 'community'.  I mean I have 'friends' on FB that live within a 25 km radius of my own home and in the past year I have never shared a personal story with them 'live' over a glass of wine or even a simple cup of coffee.
What really got to me though was my need to return to FB on a daily basis, check in and see what people were saying, read their quotes, update people on my own mundane events and show them through photos how great life life. I did experience that twinge of guilt over the fact that all of these posts seemed to amount to serious signs of narcissism but then again there seemed to be safety in numbers.  I mean really, I was not the only one who had an apparently healthy ego.
I realize that there is nothing profound in what I am saying.  At the same time I think that I truly did believe that my connection to FB and other social networking sites was a necessary evil in accepting the modern reality of todays notion of community. I was convinced that we live busy lives and if we want to keep in touch than we need to accept the necessity and design of social networking groups, right?


Trust me, I am thankful to FB for enabling me to connect with some of my old students that have moved away to live their lives in other countries. I am also grateful that I have been able to connect with some of my childhood friends.  Those are wonderful aspects of FB and I have certainly cherished the opportunities.

However, I need to pour my efforts into my real community, the one that is right outside my door. Interesting for me is that some of those old friends that I have re-connected with through FB are choosing to stay friends with me outside of the virtual reality.

So, yes, it is a bit of a test.
How long can I deny myself access?
Am I already an addicted participant in the FB-crazed reality or can I survive on my own, disconnected from my online persona.

For now, I will stay committed to blogging.  Perhaps this is an even more egotistical venue than the other. We will see.

So, here goes 14 days and counting.
Does anybody miss me yet?
Hmmm...I wonder?

A tantôt!


  1. Donna,
    I saw the same TV show about FB and was disappointed to hear some of the bad stuff--especially the foibles of Mark Zuckerberg. It wasn't enough to make me leave though. I am more connected with some of my relatives and childhood friends than before FB; so I'll stay. I respect your decision to leave FB. There is indeed a lot that is mundane (and inane)about FB - LOL!

  2. I respect people that use FB and completely understand their thinking. I share a lot of those same stories about connecting with old childhood friends. My own problem seemed to be that I found myself hanging around FB and not utilizing my time very well. I also felt like the fact that I seem to be selecting who I accepted as friends set me apart from friends who were establishing these large numbers. Maybe I just didn't get it? Anyway, I am sure I will miss it but for now I am giving it a go! One thing I have learned is to be fairly open about these things and see what comes out of it. So...who knows.
    One thing for sure is I am so happy to have you here. Comments are such a pleasure and I do love the exchange!!

  3. Donna,

    I DO miss you!!

    NOT because you left FB though. It has just been WAY too long!!
    I have been considering leaving the FB world also but haven't had the nerve to do it yet...
    I love the blog. LOVE the new kitchen and miss you all like crazy!

    XO EM

  4. Hey Em, glad you found your way over to my blog, welcome. Sign up if you want.
    I am actually feeling really good about leaving FB right now. Of course, I have had a lot of people questioning my decision and justifying their own. I do think there is value in FB but right now I have other things I want to this blog!
    Anyway, we miss you too! Hop on the highway any time!


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