Monday, January 3, 2011

Renovations 2010

When I look back at 2010 I am thankful that we made the decision to renovate our kitchen. Well, I am thankful for a lot of other things too but this is on a purely function and design level.
Our kitchen tends to be our big gathering place.  Our home is open concept with the living area right off the kitchen. For years we have lived with one drawer, two pretend which was the source of a few good jokes for some and frustration for others....little storage and nothing functional.
I can now say ....
I blew the budget as everyone assured me I would,
learned many things about kitchen designs,
how not to order windows,
realistic time lines
and of course the breaking point of my family.

In 2011, I think the renovations will take us outdoors and perhaps upstairs to the bathroom that is need of a little something? I hope my partner is not reading this?!!

But for now, here is what happened best in 2010!!


After:  A hole was cut in the wall to create an opening to a new pantry space.  Basically that means that an entry was established in the far left side of the above image.  The door was blocked off, drywalled and now home to the fridge. So everything shifted right making the kitchen space feel larger.

We bought wool persian rugs on e-bay for an amazing price and they are so nice to stand on when working in the kitchen.

This is such a great spot for cooking!

Finally got the bird plates up.

Since the main floor is open concept the red persian rugs help to connect the living room to the kitchen area.  This has been one of my favourite decisions!!

The new pantry space that we gained by opening up the wall to the small laundry room behind.  We also gain a lot more light.  For the holidays (photo below) the curtain hiding the washer and dryer is red velvet and we also have a set that I made in the yellow strip (above).

The pantry is really an all-purpose area, knife storage, small appliances, sugars, flour etc.

The sliding barn style door is the new entrance to the bathroom.

The same hardwood flooring is now throughout the entire main floor. (Ebony stained maple)

An old post office (from my hometown)  turned wine rack in the dining room.

Copper pots hanging in the corner add a nice touch of colour to our white kitchen.

Right off of the kitchen is the living area and this little sitting area next to the fireplace.
This may be the new go to space and the area that seems to be almost as popular as the island.  Hmmmm....only two chairs though?  Well, nothing is ever quite done!

And finally, in an attempt to re-use wherever possible, the old island became the new wood box!

A tantôt!!!

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  1. YOur kitchen is stunning, gorgeous, amazing - it is my dream kitchen. I adore white kitchens and you not only have white, but you have all the details right.

  2. Thanks Grace. I have been dreaming about this kitchen for a few years now but finally this year we found a way to pull it all together. As a family we are loving this space.

  3. What a beautiful kitchen makeover! You have a sweet home. We are remodelling our kitchen this spring and I am always looking for ideas as it's small and I want a dishwasher :-) Blessings,

  4. Hi Pamela. Well, our kitchen is very small as you can see. It took me a lot of time looking through magazines and searching through blogs to find ideas that would work in our space. Of course the biggest hurdle was our budget. I learned a lot in the process and I am really happy with the outcome. I had to narrow down my expectations but in the end our family is loving the result. Don't hesitate to ask me questions Pamela, I can certainly share more of my experience with a kitchen renovation if you wish. Best of luck!

  5. Wow, what a transformation. The kitchen is gorgeous. You did an amazing job. Thanks so much for linking up to the Winter Blues Wednesday party.

  6. Yes mais thank you for hosting the party!!

  7. OH my goodness that is FABULOUS!!~ I love your warm and inviting. I spied those cute little bird plates too, they are an adorable little touch.Thanks for joining in again...have fun!!~ XO

  8. What a great kitchen! I found you at Debbie's and am a follower now. All the little details are so important and you seemed to check off every one. Well Done!

  9. Thanks Debbie and Anne! Welcome Anne as a new follower. I am heading over to check out your blog right now! :)
    Your kind comments are appreciated and our kitchen was certainly a labour of love!

  10. You have such an amazing kitchen! I am a bit jealous ;) I found you from Debbiedoo's.


  11. Thanks Melanie! We are very happy with the results. Happy to have you here, heading over to check out your blog!

  12. Great kitchen! I LOVE the post office box being repurposed into a wine rack. I could only be so lucky as to find a treasure like that!

  13. Love Love Love the kitchen. The pantry especially is my favorite part. Jude

  14. Thanks Jamie...that post office piece has been a favourite of ours for some time now.
    Jude, the pantry was not completely planned but the idea was something we really wanted to see happen and it all just worked out so well. It hides so much 'stuff' that it makes the kitchen itself feel a lot bigger.

  15. I am sitting here drooling over your kitchen! It is absolutely beautiful!!! Love the white cabinetry, dark floors, and I LOVE the wood ceilings. I love your pot rack too. Ya'll have done a fantastic job renovationg!!!!


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