Thursday, January 20, 2011

Charlevoix: Tadoussac

Simply.... A Must See! (3 hours of driving from Quebec city)

Okay, I am sitting here dreaming of summer....warm temperatures, drinks on the deck, swims in the lake and on and is -30 again tonight, it will be again tomorrow!
But I can close my eyes and remember last summer at least...and dream of the next!!
La vie est belle mais....perhaps more so in the sunny days of summer....

So, I close my eyes and think back to last summer and imagine the one to Tadoussac!

All photos above are compliments of Caroline Balcar!  Merci Caro!!!!

Eberhard von Nellenburg 

Whale watching Tadoussac 07
By Hans Bernahrd (Shnobby) (Own work)

My eyes are open now, I know that I have to soon decide which coat will warm enough for me to wear while walking the dog but was nice...for even just a short while.

So, in the depth of winter, and with a good crackling fire going strong in front of me I can close my eyes, picture myself at an outdoor café sipping a glass of wine, chatting with friends and enjoying the beauty of Tadoussac!

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A tantôt


  1. We visited Tacoussac almost 12 years ago on our camping trip up the north shore of the St. Lawrence. We loved it, although a huge storm came through and I hurt my back moving the picnic table so we could collapse the dining shelter before the winds took it away. People's tents were flattened all over the campground. Your photos are lovely. I have a sweet photo of my youngest walking along the beach in his rubber boots and splash suit.

  2. I think I have had a similar experience! It is always more interesting when you have some little ones thrown into the mix!
    We have a real soft spot for Tadoussac and have been heading up there for over 25 years. Our daughter now works up there during the summer. I am glad you got to see how beautiful that area is. You should go to the other side and check out the Gaspé coast. Spectacular as well!


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