Sunday, February 20, 2011

Books! Books ....and more books!

 I was not a reader growing up. 
My sister was.  
She read all the time. 
I knew it was something I should be doing but life seemed to get in the way.  
But, I will always be thankful to Mrs. Sandal, our small town librarian. She got me started with the Bobbsey Twins and then turned me over to Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. But, when I hit my teens, well, I seemed to pay fewer visits to Mrs. Sandal......

And then, I had my own children, and discovered the wonderful world of children's literature, picture books rich with text and illustrations that draw children into the world of story without a second thought.

I spent many an hour reading the Harry Potter series to my son, impersonating the accents and sometimes bending the rules of one chapter only per night.....
Oddly enough though, he was not able to read until he was in grade 2, perhaps he preferred listening to me but I can happily say that he is a reader today.  

The selection of books out there for teens is amazing.... and I want to share the one book that turned the page onto reading for my teenage son...

This is a very compelling read for teenage boys.  I am not saying all parents will like this but it got great reviews and my son read it cover to cover in 24 hours! That was the turning point for him..
This is one of my favourite reads of all time!  Great author, great story! Takes place in the Maritimes in Canada, full of the lively culture and people that make up that part of the world.
This is a great short read written in an arrangement of vignettes.

Sitting on my table begging me to sit down and open its cover is this wonderful novel, Room.  I will tell you more when I have more to tell.

So, that is it for me.....
A tantôt

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  1. Hi! Thank you so much for linking up to our inaugural linky party! I have really enjoyed looking through your blog and am following you now. I'm going to take a look at the Anthem of a Reluctant Prophet - I wonder if my oldest son would be interested. Thanks so much!


  2. Well, as an educator, I am fairly careful about what books I encourage for different readers. This was given to him by his aunt on recommendation of a favourite book store owner. Of course none of us had read it but he, who was not reading at all, seemed attracted to it and just ate it up. So, be sure to check out reviews. It is raw and of course that is what drew him in...but then he turned around and picked up the Catcher and the if he is hungry I am willing to feed. :)


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