Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Header Crazy!

Angry tiger
By gumuz Guyon Morée

Yikes, he is not too happy.....I am feeling like he looks!

 I have been fooling around with my header trying to make it a bit more banner-style.  I have had such a hard time adjusting the height of it.....I think I am going to go crazy.

So...any suggestions out there as to how to work with that?  I have searched a lot of blogs and gotten some great information through the various ones but for some reason I cannot adjust the height without some default program taking over and re-setting it.

Anyway...this is an open comment forum invitation.  All ideas welcome........

A tantôt


  1. I don't know. I wonder if you have to change your entire template to change the size (?) Did you use one of the Blogger templates? I will check back and see if one of the more techie-savvy bloggers have words of wisdom. I'd like to know, too :D

  2. Thanks Ricki Jill. I started in Gimp to adjust my image but I found Gimp not easy to work with and then I went to Picnic which was much easier. However, it still would not allow me to adjust the height. I have a feeling that it is something sooooooo easy....but my non tech-savy brain is not gettin' it.

  3. I'm afraid I'm not much help with anything like that. I am so computer challenged...I used to spend hours just to make a header.:D

  4. Thanks Gina. I am still looking and I can relate to your challenge!


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