Saturday, February 5, 2011

Copy Me Challenge

 Miss Mustard Seed Copy Me Challenge!
Giving it my best shot!!  I love her style so here goes!!!....... A complete mix of shots...just a few of my favourite flowers added in....

Nothing like a bouquet of flowers.

In love with white...

Flowers that can be planted outdoors when the time is right!

Lupins..lupins and lupins...

A touch of silver on the dining room buffet....

...and again in the kitchen

The pantry

A winter time special!

A summer time favourite place to be!


  1. Your home is so pretty! Very nice. I like the plants that can be transplanted later :D

  2. Your third photo with the hint of your Gallery wall had me searching you blog for the whole thing. I have wanted to change my photo wall, yours looks great! Thank you for visiting my blog!


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