Sunday, February 27, 2011

Project: Kijiji Find

It all started here: (Click the chair if you want to read the first part of this post)

This is the photo from Kijiji

So, after many coats of white paint I finally got the results that I was hoping for.  And...the big is soooo comfortable.
I ripped off the upholstery that was there and used some upholstery that I had purchased on sale last summer.  I am planning on putting it in the basement but right now I am experimenting with it around the house.....hmmm...we will see where it ends up.
I am not 100% happy with cushions so I may need to do some piping.
But, my weekend project is finished!

Et voila.....a cottage look, 20$ for the chair and about 5$ worth of material....paint left over from the kitchen renovation.

P.S.  I have had a few questions about the word, kijiji.  Kijiji is the same as Craigslist.  Craigslist really does not have any popularity here in Québec as we have many French-based sites already in existence and quite popular....such as kijiji.

A tantôt

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  1. Thanks Ricki Jill. I am not completely sold on the toile but I was trying to be as "thrifty" as possible. We only have 1 fabric outlet here, if you can believe it, so the choice was limited and everything seemed really expensive soo... for now, I am happy.

  2. I love it too. Years ago I bought a similar chair in black and it took me a while to get it painted white, but I still love it. Your black and white fabric is stunning.

  3. Much better painted white. Love the fabric choice as well.
    Dropping by from Met Monday, with a post on repurposed shelving.


  4. Living proof that toile and paint fix everything! It looks great.

  5. Eileen, I almost painted it black, thinking I would go with a creamy cotton cushion but I had white paint and this was a thrift project. I do prefer the white though.
    @Allison and Maureen, yep, well, white is one of those things that are a must have for the cottage-y look that I love and well, toile, when I find it on sale I just pick it up.

  6. Job well done. Love the seat cushions

  7. It looks so much better in white & I love the toile cushions.

  8. Loving it even more done it the white! Great choice of fabric.

  9. Thanks for the great feedback. I wanted white and certainly having the white paint made it easy. No fiddling with which colour of white!
    Looks like the fabric is a hit!

  10. Hi! I have seen your project on several link ups and had to comment when I saw that you almost painted it black! I have two similar charist ath I am considering doing in black or a very dark brown. White would not last long in my ome! :-) Seeing your chair has inspired me that mine are worth "repuposing"! Thank You! I am celebrating my one year blogaversary this week! Please stop by and enter my giveaway for a starbucks gift card! Have a great week!

  11. Thanks Sharon! It was a toss-up for me but since I had white paint and the toile material and a tight budget..well it came down to white. My kids are used to 'white' around the house so I seem to be okay in that dept. as long as it is washable!

  12. VERY nice! :D I really need something like that for my sewing room...wish I could stumble on one, lol! :D

  13. I really couldn't see a vision for that chair when I saw the before shot, but love the after. You nailed the cottage look.

    We have Kijiji here in Ontario as well. I believe it is a Swahili word for friendship? or sharing? or market? or something.

  14. She's beautiful! I love the fabric paired with white. Super job! ;)



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