Sunday, March 27, 2011

Attack Ads here we go!!

Well, according to my stats,
it appears that many,
if not most of you 
that drop by here from time to time
are not from Canada
and therefore have no idea what we are about to get into....
in my part of the world.

Yep, she is expressing my feelings exactly
and unfortunately my young niece
and all the young people who are just learning about politics
and the way we carry on in our world
when it comes to politics
are about to once again
see the very ugly face of politics.
Attack Ads!!

I am so disgusted by the behaviour of our politicians
as they gather steam and build their campaigns based
on mud-slinging and bullying tactics.
It makes me wonder why any of our youth
hitting the age of majority will ever want to vote.

Our turn out for voting is abysmal...
People seem to be completely dis-engaged from politics
and yet
when a government is in the house 
we see constant bickering and a lack of action on the part of all parties.
Is it possible for parties to work together?
Does anybody believe that we could move forward with a government that demonstrate respect?

My mother taught me when I was young to write the letter and keep it in the drawer for a few days before pulling it out and making the decision to send it.
Think before you speak...
sounds so old-fashioned but.....
Perhaps our politicians will practice some of that behaviour as they build
and establish the tone they will take on 
as they approach this election.

I hope!

So that is all I have to say..
sorry, had to vent!!

À tantôt

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