Friday, March 4, 2011

Buffet Madness

 I have been looking forever for a small, functional, inexpensive.....and cute buffet for our diningroom.  I think I found it....look!!

60$ on kijiji!!     
 I know I will probably want to paint it but we will see.  The handles have got to go but imagine what I can do with this piece.
Riding the rails allows me to do some quick searches on the web and certainly hunting for treasures is made easy by all these different sites.

One last gem I found:

15$ does that mean 10$ for this cute little pic-nic basket!?


A tantôt


  1. Beautiful buffet! I've been looking for one for forever too.

  2. I really like your buffet. It is very pretty!

  3. That buffet looks like the one we have. We just have different legs on ours and ours is a darker colour. Ours is an Edwardian piece that my great-grandparents bought when they returned from China. I think it is such a versatile piece of furniture and I do most of my displays on it as it is right beside our dining room table so we see it a lot.

  4. Wow $60, great fine. I've been searching for one but no luck yet, they've all been way overpriced imo. My mom has one similar to yours but my baby girl has first dibbs on it :(

  5. Lucky girl! I have been looking for a nearly exact buffet! No luck yet but keeping my eyes open. Great finds! ;)



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