Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday Morning Ramblings.....

Well, we just found out that our nephew is safe.
He is living in Japan right now and apparently left the area hardest hit just a few days prior to the tsunami. 
What a relief.
 We are all thankful.

I certainly learn,
as I get older, 
to enjoy the simple aspects of life and appreciate 
my friends, both old and new,
and my family...smple things, small events..
sounds so cliché

We just recently left our dog in the hands 
of a lovely young woman who volunteered
to dog-sit for the week.
She is a real gem, 
I know this
because our dog
has never been so well-brushed for some time now.
I do believe he is actually smiling!
He is too old now for the kennel
but she spent the week here
in our home
feeding, brushing and caring for our dog. she would say

I decided to leave some fresh flowers along with
the flowers I had bought in the week following Valentine's Day.
When I walked in the door it was such a pleasure
to see them still looking so lovely on our 
kitchen island.
I think my new treat to myself will be fresh flowers every month
and certainly at 7$ for this bouquet
I don't think anybody will complain...

even though they are getting a bit brown.... these little button mums are still
hanging in there... and I bought them over 3 weeks ago...
So, even though we have more snow falling in our lane,
and I did not spend my holiday off on some island in the south

It is always good to get back to your home,
our little nest...
and to know that everyone is safe and sound....
and enjoy the simple little pleasures

be safe David
and thank you Laura...

A tantôt


  1. I like your daisies, and I am also happy to hear about your nephew. Life is good! :D

  2. You better believe it! Thanks Ricki Jill.


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