Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Into the Vortex I Go

Since the kitchen renovation I have been trying to get busy with all the 'details' 
around our house.
But...of course, these things take time.
Sooo...I decided that perhaps
I should listen to the advice of others and do things room by room.

The obvious place to start is the diningroom.
We have this table that I love!
Very rustic, made from reclaimed wood by my brother-in-law..
very heavy
and a great table for entertaining.
Seats 8-10 people comfortably. 

Sarah from Modern Country Style  cautioned me that my latest purchase would be responsible for my descent into the drop-cloth vortex!
Ha! .... I think she may be right!!
And I think I am already lovin' it!!!
No reveals as of yet but I will
let you know..
this drop cloth material is going to give the perfect touch to our parson chairs.

These were a great deal that we picked up when the Fly stores all closed shop here a few years ago.  The problem was we could not get the same colour leg nor fabric.  No big deal though since we bought 6 chairs, half in a cream and the other half in a moss green for 25$ a piece.

So, thanks to all the talented bloggers out there 
I have found some great tutorials on making slipcovers for these type chairs
and ....well....time to get busy!
More on the magic of dropcloths! Click below.......


  1. That's one big project you are undertaking, but I agree that it will look great. You got an amazing deal on those chairs at $25 a piece. I love your table - so rustic and sturdy.

  2. Thanks Grace. I have to admit, I am looking at 6 chairs and thinking...hmmmm...am I crazy?
    But, once I get on a roll I think I will be okay. I found a great tutorial that requires less sewing.

  3. Your table is a statement piece! I admire your willingness to sew so many slipcovers. I can't sew on a button!!!

  4. I think you'll do brilliantly. I can sooooo see that look working brilliantly.

    I'm glad you liked the vortex comment. I see you are well and truly ensconsed in there!!


  5. Good Luck with your slip covers! I know you can do it! Can't wait to see them around that beautiful table!

  6. This weekend...I am settling in to some serious sewing!!! I had to get a different needle for heavier material.


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