Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Quebec Canada

My world... Québec, Canada

dominated by seasons
influenced by history... et la langue......
dating over 400 years...

and touched by the sea...

home to belugas, fin whales, minkes.....

and outdoor enthusiasts
Québec, la belle province, Canada

À tantôt

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  1. Okay, what the heck are the people doing in the top two photos? It looks like a combination of skiing and rock climbing. Your photos are wonderful and make me want to go to Quebec this summer.

  2. You got it Grace. You follow the rules of rock climbing more or less, ropes etc. and you use your picks for maneuvering over the ice. A bit dangerous but very exhilarating, so I am told...this is my daughter and her friends. Ahhh...a trip to Québec Grace can only be a good thing.

  3. visiting from My World Tuesday...

    following you...hope you'll follow me back

    here's my entry

  4. Oh it's beautiful! I visited Montreal some 20 years ago. Unfortunately, I didn't take photos. ;(

  5. Heading over to meet Ai KairRui Lui!
    Ricki Jill, I am sure you would love Québec. I should perhaps organize a blogger tour! Gina you can join in and head deeper into Québec! It sounds like Grace wants to visit too!!

  6. Beautiful and breathtaking pictures, both of the countryside and the city. Lovely!
    Cass -- who has been to Toronto but never Quebec. yet.

  7. Hi there, you have some really beautiful pictures of la belle province! I have driven through many times on the way to Ontario (don't we all!) but did get to Quebec City with my daughter for her grade 9 class trip in the 80's. So long ago now. I loved that city! Thanks for sharing your pics today. Blessings, Pamela

  8. Hi again, I thank you for following my blog now and I will also follow yours. I love to connect with Canadian bloggers! These sheep pictures are from 1. Alberta in 2009 and 2. N.B. in 2010I love sheep and the countryside. Pamela

  9. Cass you would probably love it! Very different from the city of Toronto.
    Glad to have you along Pamela, always nice to hook up with Canadian bloggers, bienvenue!

  10. Wow what a gorgeous place you dwell in! I've been through Toronto but I really need to go Quebec after seeing all these amazing photos :) Thanks for the inspiration!


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