Sunday, March 27, 2011


 Well, yesterday, marked the first day of my new regard on
I have been inspired by the BC Saturday club, 
and the idea of taking this particular day of the week
and adding a little adventure to it...

So, I grabbed my lovely ruffled T,
my down coat....yep, cold wind and below 0 temps...
headed into la ville to
enjoy a good café au lait and
read the paper...

 café au lait...

caught up on the news....

 took a lovely stroll around the streets,
Of course, I have to admit...
got steered off track...
just a wee bit.
I completely forgot that this was the Saturday
for the St. Patty's parade!
Got distracted and I did not get photos
but yes,
a slight detour,
into an overcrowded pub!
A lot of people with silly green hats..
drinking silly green beer..
Cannot wait 'til next Saturday!

À tantôt

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