Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Sign of Spring

........Signs of Spring.....  In Canada

À tantôt


  1. You are getting there!

    We actually have very little snow left here. It was a good week, the temps were in the 40s & some rain fell, which melted alot of the stuff!

  2. What a huge icicle. Didn't you love sucking on them when you were a kid.

  3. Yes, I can close my eyes and imagine our yard without snow...problem is when I open them up again. :) I know that you are right though Gina. We are getting there. One month to go probably.
    Oooh yes Grace I certainly can remember.

  4. Cant wait for spring! New follower, hope that you will follow back!

  5. Brrr...that looks cold! I didn't realise that Canada has such a long season of freezing temperatures. But just think....not long now until all the flowers will be out!! So pretty!


  6. Hi Kelly, what a lovely blog you have. Count me in!
    Sarah, ooh yes, the ice on our pond across the road, is still safe for skating on. That made me happy in January but sad today! However, you are right, in about 6 weeks we will see the signs of flowers trying to push through...I say signs, okay.

  7. Ok, officially following! Hope you have a great week!


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