Friday, April 1, 2011

Chair-Mania or Maniac?

Okay, well I had a real that a word?... of energy
Which I think has gotten me into trouble. 
You see, I started that project with the drop-cloths, excited to cover all 8 of my diningroom chairs..
Oh yah!
and got really excited about all the possibilities.
So I thought since I have been missing in action I should share my mess with you.

My excitement led me to other chairs that have been waiting for my attention
You know how it is 
Or maybe you don't
when you get bored of one project so you switch over to something else?
Not a good thing to do.

So I was given these chairs by my mom... two of them.

And I have always wanted to have them re-upholstered but got this idea that...
I could do that!
It kind of reminds me of the times when I am in an art gallery
with a friend of mine 
and she always drops the line
when looking at a more contemporary piece of art work
which she feels is simply splattered paint
I could do that!
And how do I respond?
don't think so.

Well, perhaps I am in that situation right now?
I will let you know shortly
because as my mother taught me ... chin up and look ahead!!!!
Yeeks mom.

A tantôt

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