Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cole Porter Update

Well, if you know pianos then you will know that a C. Bechstein is one of the finest pianos in the world...
and this lovely grand entertained at least 50 people at 
an evening with Cole Porter on Saturday evening!
They laughed, sang, ate and shared stories from 4 - 9 p.m.

The setting was lovely!

I did not get a shot of the house from the front as it was pouring rain but the
house spreads out to the left with beautiful floor to ceiling windows.

The house sits on a nice size river, great spot for swimming in the summer and of course a beautiful deck for entertaining family and friends.

So, what was this all about?
Well, I have been looking at story-telling, 
stories in general and
have been quite fascinated with stories of people that I know
in an older generation that have lived
through some pretty amazing times.
Times that have brought about situations and circumstances that
I think my family and friends may never experience.
And we have been looking at ways of recording these stories....
it has been done before, 
I know...
but I don't think these ever get boring or over-told.
This particular story is about a story-teller that passed away last year
well-known to many.
He travelled the world as a doctor,
worked for years at the Grenfell Mission
and throughout his travels picked up stories of his own and of others
and developed a talent for telling these stories through the accents of the characters he portrayed.
So, we are starting to work on this project with a goal
to share his story and the story of the people around him.
You see the evening with Cole Porter was the first time that this large group
of friends,
spanning in age from 69 to 93
have gotten together since his death.
He was known to entertain,
with grand evenings,
catered events
where he opened his doors to his friends, 
old and new
and treated them to an evening of song and story
I understood they laughed and cried but that at the heart of every
party was him, Bill, the story teller.

I thought I would have better images to share but the weather was terrible,
the lighting was tricky and my little camera did the best it could do....
but I said I would update you 
so I am.
Hopefully, one day soon I will be able to share our mini-documentary with you
but in the mean time I am still reflecting on the memory of these lovely people
coming together to celebrate life!

A tantôt

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