Friday, April 22, 2011

The Doors

  Today was such a beautiful day that
we decided to head into the city for a walk. 

Every city has a certain architectural appeal but
I have to say,
Quebec city has very unique architecture due to the sheer age of the buildings.
more than 400 years old!

And of course good architecture often means....
beautiful doors!
So here is a tour of la belle ville
with an eye on the door....

Colour certainly adds to the attraction of a door.

Shorter doors are found throughout the oldest part of the walled city.
In the old part of the city many of the basement apartments have a small door such as the one below and the one behind the truck in between the two larger white doors.

And due to our often cold weather there is usually another door beyond this door.

Many of the older hotels sport beautiful wood doors or luxurious metal doors as below.

Another trick for the weather is to set the door in so that the cold air does not enter when opening the door.

Etched glass adds another quality to some of these doors.

Gorgeous wood doors!

And yet more etched glass!! Click on the image to make it even larger if you prefer.
À tantôt

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  1. Beautiful Doors! I always like looking at doors and the archetecture around them. Thanks for sharing and I wish you a blessed Easter.

  2. Fun post! I would love to peek inside some of those doors. It looks like Europe, LOL!

  3. I love posts like this! Great looking doors. Thanks for sharing at my newbie party.

  4. I love your post! When I was in Europe last year, I found myself admiring doors, windows, archways...all that neat stuff. So, I really like your pics! I am your newest follower...came over from Debbie's newbie party. Come and take a visit to That Country Place as well. :) Quebec is definately on my "to get to " places in our fine country!

  5. I love this feature on the doors of old Quebec which is a fabulous place!!

  6. Thanks Jeanne, I have a few more posts coming up on architecture of the city.


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