Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend Hike

Well, I have been bloggin' about bad weather so much lately
that I am soooo happy to blog about some fair weather hiking
So, let's go...
too much snow still in the woods so we have to be a bit creative!
We have beautiful hiking trails all around Lac Beauport but
they are still snow-bound ....
But in the summer, 
the "Sentier national" 
is quite an amazing circuit of trails that weaves its way across Canada. In english it is known as the Trans-Canada trail....
But, for now, 
we are sticking to the road.
he is a bit dark but yes, the ducks have arrived...
and the woods are starting to rid themselves of snow...

 and the waterfalls are in full force....
and the river is now exposed...
 and we continue on for about an hour until we reach the lake...
et voila...
on the lake...standing...
and still I do know that within 2 months I may be swimming here
in Lac Beauport....
À tantôt


  1. Beautiful pictures of the trail but I can't believe how much snow you still have in the woods! Isn't it great to get outside and enjoy nature? Have a great week! Pamela

  2. Yes, well, reality I guess! I am hopeful that this fair weather will work its magic. I love to get outside and certainly a good walk is a welcome treat.

  3. I love the waterfall pictures. So, so pretty! Your hike was a bit chillier than ours this weekend ;P

  4. Well, nice to see a fellow Anglo Quebecer in the blog world. I came across your blog through Debbiedoos. I am your newest follower and I hope you can stop on by my blog.
    Au revoir

  5. Bonjour Piorra!! Yes, well me too! I am heading over to visit your blog!
    Merci et bienvenue!

  6. Although doors are really bang on which you have show here. It looks like traditional doors. I like the most last second one..


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