Sunday, April 17, 2011

martha sunday in the kitchen

ahhh.....the talents of martha....
and the evils of Tom...tom is some local weather guy out of Vermont....very happy all the time....too happy......!!
So in lieu of that..yep, that is snow..
I made a decision...time for a martha sunday...
Started in the kitchen......
and fairly early I might add
with tea and orange/date muffins......
 and as you can probably imagine....
this recipe
is my favourite muffin recipe!
It was given to me by my university
supervisor a long time ago and I have been lovin' it ever since!
 (may be time to transfer this to a recipe file while it is still legible?? I hear ya!!)
This is the same recipe, more or less, just switchin' it up a bit....
...take the oranges and replace them with whole lemons and the orange juice and replace with lemon juice. Replace the dates with raspberries voilà....lemon raspberry muffins.
These are so yummy and délicieuse!!! You will have a hard time having just 1.
Oh, and I did not stop there, I did some martha work elsewhere in the house....
wondering where????...
over here during my
sewin' martha sunday
Oh yah...cookin' and sewin' all in a martha sunday!

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