Monday, April 18, 2011

Mother Nature, Pourquoi?

 Monday, April 18th
Good morning?
Let me just say this....
has anybody seen my shovel?
Perhaps my neighbour borrowed it?
Did it get stored in the garden shed already??? 
Hmmm...a garden trowel....might work!!! Then my neighbours will really talk!
 Ah look...
Even he is confused....
okay, yes, I love our beautiful lab named Chelby
but....he is easily confused
and btw...
I think Mother Nature may be too!
Enjoy your gardens everyone!

À tantôt


  1. Oh my word...I would be so tired of that white stuff...ugh! We've had some awful storms here in the South and over 100 tornados over the weekend...glad we were out of town cause I would have been panicking for sure. Have a wonderful week. Fondly, Roberta

  2. Oh My! That's just depressing! We had flurries here this morning but it's a sun/cloud mix now. Spring sure is crazy and late coming this year! I hope it gets warmer soon - all all of us up here in Canada! Have a great day and don't hurt your back shovelling with your trowel! :-) Pamela

  3. Oh Pamela! You cannot imagine how disappointed I was this morning. On the
    weekend I rolled with it and actually baked, sewed, did all kinds of things I
    love to do but never have time for and that was good. But...this morning when I
    drove my daughter into the bus stop...yikes, I thought, when will this end!!
    Ha! The trowel isn't going to cut is still snowing. Now I have to dig
    out my winter coat again.
    have a good one!


  4. Schools closed yesterday due to snow storm!!!!


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