Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cap à l'Aigle - Charlevoix

It looks like I will be heading up to Tadoussac
a fair bit this upcoming summer
I am going to complete a series of posts that
give you a small glimpse into the unique homes
that dot the landscape between Quebec city
and Tadoussac.
Some of these homes dates back to 200 years ago!!
So first up on the tour.....
Cap à l'Aigle...
 The beauty of Cap à l'Aigle is highlighted in the spring
by the numerous lilac gardens that dominate this village

 These summer homes are soon not visible from the road due to the magnificent varieties of lilacs
that will soon cover all the bushes...
 All these homes have a magnificent view over the St. Lawrence River!
Certainly I will have to update this post in a few weeks with the spectacular 
lilacs that will soon take over....
over 1000 different varieties!

Next up.....St. Irenée....

À tantôt


  1. Beautiful homes and I can't wait to see the pictures of the lilacs in bloom. 

  2.  Pamela, they are so gorgeous. In I believe 2001 they started all these lilac gardens and it has been quite spectacular especially given the beautiful vista being situated on the side of the hill overlooking the St. Lawrence.

  3. What perfectly charming European.  I have always wanted to visit Canada and after seeing this even more so. 

  4. Susan (Peck) McMurtryJune 23, 2012 at 1:41 PM

    I just found your site! Sorry to be one year late adding my comments. First of all I spent every summer of my Childhood in Cap A LAigle as my parent's summer home was there. I knew all of the cottagers that owned the houses you have photographed except one. Your photos bring back wonderful memories of all the happy times spent in that beautiful corner of the world.

    1. I bet that the first house was one you don't recognize? I absolutely love Cap à l'Aigle! How lucky were you as a child! We have been going to Tadoussac for years where there is also a community of anglophones and have many fond memories of that corner of the world. The feeling you get from looking out at the fleuve is simply one of pleasure and serene happiness! I love it. These houses are full of amazing stories!
      Anyway, glad you dropped in.


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