Friday, May 20, 2011

National Patriots' Day in Québec or Victoria Day Weekend elsewhere

Well, wherever you live in Canada 
you have a long holiday weekend
and here is my favourite part of the celebration...
quite simply....
sitting going.....dreaming of summer....

But, there seems to be a bit of confusion or perhaps just interest in what this day is all about...
Well, quite simply put,
Journée naitonale des patriotes commemorates democracy and
the struggle to be free from British rule in 1837-1838.
The holiday itself is pretty young,
dating back to the first actual holiday taking place in  2003 after the Québec government
decided to recognize the monday before May 25th as National Patriots' Day.

 So....Bonne Journée nationale des patriotes 
Happy Victoria Day!!!

À tantôt


  1. Same to you!  I hope you have nice weather to enjoy your firepit.  Pamela 

  2.  Thanks Pamela! Finally summer-like weather seems to be coming our way!!

  3. The fire looks so inviting!

  4. Oh you can't believe how much enjoyment we get from this deck!!

  5.  Oh of our favourite parts of the deck is this fire pit!!


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