Sunday, May 1, 2011

New Neighbours!!!

Well, we appear to have new neighbours...
a rather handsome couple, if not
a tad eccentric...
and a bit loud I must say!
They go by the name of Pileated...
a somewhat exotic name!

But, you cannot choose your neighbours..
So... looks like we will have to get used to this pair.

They have moved into our backyard which is a tad close,
given we live in a wood house!!
Let's just hope they play nice....
So, here is the madame.....
well we think....
and here is the Monsieur....
still guessing...
So...we will not judge too quickly..
gotta give these things time ya know?
À tantôt


  1. Grace_senseandsimplicityMay 1, 2011 at 2:25 PM

    Lovely neighbours. I agree about the noisy part, but they certainly are good looking.

  2. They are almost primitive looking, if you know what I mean. The mating call is somewhat haunting but perhaps because this species is new to us. They are not very fearful of humans though, you can almost get within 3 feet of them before they fly away.

  3. Beautiful pictures of Mr. and Mrs. Pileated. They are noisy and I have been hearing them around here too with their loud call. I hope they don't think their next meal is in your house siding! :-)

  4. Well, it has certainly crossed my mind! I am glad to see that they have yet to
    try out our house but certainly our board and batten siding might be worth a try
    in their mind. Hopefully not too early in the morning! They pack a lot of power
    in those beaks.



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