Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer in Québec city 2011

Okay, booking a holiday?
coming to la belle ville de Québec?
well bienvenue 
and here is a look at what is happening this summer....

Cirque du Soleil are back in the lower town for a continuation of their
free show...Les Chemins Invisibles
from June 24th to September 3
it is a fabulous show!!
No chairs allowed which can make it rather long for people who do not like to stand for an hour.
But, if you book ahead there are VIP seats at 15$ a seat...
oh and seat really means a stool in an un-assigned seating area.
That said, I strongly recommend you make the reservation since it is tiered seating
and even the tallest of individuals will have a hard time seeing the show.....
I am fairly tall and found it difficult...
great show so don't miss it!!!
Oh and Sunday and Monday they take a break so there is no show


Robert Lepages' show The Image Mill
is back.
If you have not seen it then you really will be impressed...
I strongly suggest though that you take a chair with you.
Oh, and this year there is a 3D extra, although it has not received great reviews
but a free show is a free show...

À tantôt


  1. I would love to visit Quebec City!!!!!!!!

  2. Well, certainly you have a built-in tour guide!!

  3. Hi angloinquebec

    I'm traveling to Quebec city this weekend with the family. Just wondering if it's worth spending the $15 each to have reserve seating to see the Cirque du Soleil...


  4. Hi Julie, For sure you are much better off if you are in the reserved seating. We did not and at 5' 7 I missed a lot of the show. My friend who was much shorter really saw little. If you get tickets then one little tip is that you do not line up with everyone else but rather go to the front of the line where you will see this small ticket booth and they will give you your ticket for reserved seating. The seating is nothing more than a stool but the fact that you are perched up above the crowd ia the beauty of it all. Enjoy! Lots of free stuff going on around the city. Don't be shy to ask for more ideas!!

  5. Julie I hope you know that you need to get your tickets online first and then pick them up at the booth. Be quick because they go fast!

  6. Excellent information, thank you!!

  7. Hi
    Been there, done that!
    We ended up going to the Cirque du soleil show without buying reserved seats, since we didn't know what day the weather would cooperate. It was awesome!!! Thanks for responding

  8. Great Julie! I am so glad it worked out!


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