Monday, May 2, 2011

Tour de ma maison

I think if I was to sum up in one sentence what I want in a home
it would be....
A gathering spot for family and friends,
to hang out, 
relax and feel like you can keep your shoes on!
oh and
...a welcoming space with great spots for reading,
cooking with friends
and a place where I never get too stressed about 
cleaning, dusting,  polishing, and the like...
Okay, so ...really...
Viens dedans!  (come in!) in you go!
okay, if you wish have a sit.....

hard to leave these chairs...
especially with a good book. I love the effect of a fern in the shade.

You might want to come in and perch yourself at our island for some type of refreshment....
or maybe to be assigned your cooking duties...
we love to gather around here to prep for dinner...
whatever that may be..

You can slip into the powder room off the back of the kitchen....
just slide the door.

You may choose to get right at it and start cooking yourself...
you are more than welcome to...
or head into the pantry below to get some things started....

If you need to use the facilities there is a powder room just off the kitchen in the pantry area...
The door slides open, barn-door style....
Then again, if it is still early you may
head over here to sit, chat a bit... or read a book??
 or sit by the fire...

Not the most comfortable chair in the house but we are all rather fond of it...
this is the old gallery wall which has been replaced by a fireplace...

and the natural wood staircase has now been painted a creamy white...

Yes, I have a passion for persian rugs... and so did our lovely old family dog...
along with the cat and the new family dog.

So, if we are having dinner then we will certainly head in here...
we all love this old  pine table.

oh and better grab a nice bottle out of here....
the antique post office.

Want to watch a movie? 
No TV on the main floor so
head downstairs. 
Looks a bit messy beyond the french pocket doors??
Well, beyond those doors
is life.... 
skis, snowboards, skates, camping gear, extra storage of all sorts
and a quick exit to the backyard..
or otherwise known as the preferred entrance in the winter season 
for snow boots, ski boots and the like.....

So, that is it,
a tour de la maison...
Oh...and turn the light off on your way out if you don't mind...
next time
maybe I will let you spend the night...
then we can head upstairs!!


  1. Oh, I love your house! It is very cozy, casual and welcoming! That dining room table is great too. Thanks for the tour :-) Can we peek upstairs even if we don't stay the night? Have a great week. Pam

  2. vintage french henMay 2, 2011 at 6:24 PM

    How beautiful! I would love to stay! Marcia

  3. *squee* I got to see snippets of my dream kitchen again :D *pretty*

  4. sweet!


  5. Thanks for sharing your home with us. It looks so inviting. Love the sliding barn door & your rugs are beautiful.

  6. I love your quaint home..the sliding door into the little bathroom off the kitchen is great! Love the rustic table too! Thanks for the tour....oops! I think I left a light on!! :)

  7. I think as long as you have family gathering, no matter the place! Thanks for sharing with my newbie party.

  8. Jamie (Coffee Cowgirl)May 4, 2011 at 12:21 AM

    LOVE the door on your powder room!

  9. Rosario Beads4prayerMay 4, 2011 at 12:26 AM

    Nice Home! Love your style.

  10. This is my favorite blog that i visited today and I have visited a lot. Traditional style with some modern touches is the style I love -your home is beautiful. I love the yellow and white striped curtain in the kitchen...I actually had that same stripe painted on my walls! I'm visiting from Debbydoos newbie party. I'm following and hope you'll follow me back.

  11. Love the steps in the first picture and the door to the bathroom. You have a beautiful home! I love looking thru all the pictures seeing how others decorate its window shopping to me ! lol thanks for sharing!


  12. bonjour! I found you through Dittle Dattle, which I found through Coastal Charm, which I....never mind....I found you and that's my point. I love your blog. I am in Ontario. I'll be checking in again soon!

  13.  Hope to see you back soon. Fellow Canadian bloggers seem few and far between!

  14. Your home is adorable. LOVE your dining room table. It's perfect.

  15. Thanks Tanya. WE love that table too. It has seen many a dinner party! :)


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