Thursday, June 23, 2011

CraaaaaaaZy days of JuNe !!!

You know how you make
plans? ....
well these days of June have been so
So all plans out the window,
snapped a few images of the city...
and unfortunately that is
all I can share...
and, of course, my iPhone 3 has its limitations...
but here goes...
a stroll on my way to dinner!

My love of old doors!!
Many of the old churches have turned into condominiums....
I love the effect of adding those 3 pots up there!!
The addition of green space tucked in next to the stairs makes
these streets even more stunning!
Gorgeous weather...
some lovely food and wine...
summer is finally here!

À tantôt


  1. How pretty!  I love photos of old doors, too.  Thanks for sharing them with us!  :D

  2. I love these photos of the stairs and doorways!  They are so Montreal.  Beautiful. 


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