Saturday, June 4, 2011

Growing Wild

Work, work and more work....
has kept me away from blogging but
I took a break recently to go out to my
wildly sprouting garden and
pick a few lovelies to
bring inside.....

These little forget-me-nots take over my garden in the spring but
I really don't mind...
none of my perenials are in bloom at this time of year
and these add a lovely hit of blue...
in a few weeks they will die....
I will pull them out
and my perenials will fill in....
so this is a weed that I can live with!!

À tantôt


  1. Beautiful pictures!  I just bought some old "blue" canning jars and am anxious to cut some lilacs to put in them.  It is another cold, misty, dreary day in AB.  Where art thou sunshine!!   Hope you are having a wonderful day :)

  2. Those dainty little blue flowers are so pretty.  What are they?  Lovely flowers and photos :D

  3. Thanks Dawna....crossing my fingers that you get some sunshine soon!

  4. I added a couple of photos so you can see them in my garden!! They are actually weeds but I love them! Forget-me-nots.


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