Sunday, June 5, 2011

Shade Reality

Outdoor Projects:  Number One is the Deck

Well, somebody somewhere is trying to shake me up a bit...
change my routine.
Every year I go to the nursery and select two lovely
boston ferns to hang on either side of our doors on the deck.
The shade factor that dominates this outdoor space
eliminates any lovely flowering baskets
I rather like the effect of the green...
this year they did not order any boston ferns

the asparagus fern was the next logical choice......
no big deal 
I realize that....
but you know how it is, when sometimes you have this plan
of course it is so easy
only one little glitch
throws you completely off track...
maybe that means my work stress level is too high right now???
given that they were still within my budget of twenty dollars
I made the leap.
And I am lovin' it!!
Now if the weather holds on maybe I can paint the muskoka chairs???

À tantôt
oh but hooking this up to
Design it Chic
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  1. I  love the asparagus ferns! They can tolerate so much more sun and heat than the boston ferns, and I love the looks of them, too. I have both the asparagus and boston, but have a really hard time with the boston because I have no shade either.
    I think you made a great choice and your deck looks great!

  2. I am happy to finally get some summer-like weather that I can start working our deck! Project 2 will take me to the ground level!

  3. I love asparagus ferns.  Great choice!

  4. I think the asparagus ferns are just as pretty!  Who knows, you may end up liking them more than the Boston ferns & choose the asparagus ferns every year instead. 

  5. The asparagus ferns look very pretty and 'airy'.  Good choice.  Your deck so lovely with the adirondack chairs.  Enjoy!  Pamela

  6. I love asparagus ferns!  Your deck looks great!

  7. Well, I have to admit....I seem to be an easy sway....lovin' them!

  8. Thanks Pamela, I have to get the paint brush moving now!!

  9. Thanks Debbie!! More work to do but that will require the sun to do its work.


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