Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Charlevoix Travel

No suprise to anybody that knows me...
I love the Charlevoix region of Quebec...
It seems to be my favourite area to write about
I already posted about this region here

travelling through all the small villages on my way to Tadoussac
is what makes the trip so interesting...
and of course...
a must is to follow the route...
362 when you leave Baie St. Paul.
This time we hit Baie St. Paul by lunch which meant a
 stop at the restaurant...
the menu is small and the food local...
and the experience unforgettable!!
I had the lamb burger with local Charlevoix lamb
and my friend loved the salmon...
I will be heading back...that is for sure!!
This is the church in the heart of the village and the point at which you turn to follow the 362.
Just outside of Baie St. Paul near the exit for Iles aux Coudres.
typical homes that dot the countryside...
notice the roof slope.
This year we stopped in Cap à L'Aigle at the gardens,
6 dollars to get in and if you make it there by mid to late June
then you get
to enjoy the lovely variety of lilacs.
I have to admit we were a bit between seasons but the wild roses
were gorgeous!

These gardens are approximately 30 minutes from Baie St. Paul.
I think probably though,
my favourite part of any of these trips is this....
admiring these lovely wooden homes!
The verandas are enticing!
For tips on travelling in and around Quebec just visit us over here

Oh, and linking this up to mosaic Monday at the Little Red House!
À tantôt


  1. What a great post for Mosaic Mondays. The homes and country side are lovely!

  2. Thanks for the tour! I love the sloped roof houses. A lot of Acadians here also build them that way. Beautiful flower gardens too!

  3. Hi! I grew up on the North Shore but left the province long ago for other pursuits... & now I'm on the opposite end of the country. Thanks for the photos of all the places I used to know so well. Feels like I never left!!


  4. Well, it is such a beautiful part of the country and many people do not get to see it or simply do not know about it. I can never get enough!

  5. I'm looking forward to visiting this region soon. It really is lovely!

  6. Such a pretty spot! I love those beautiful houses, too!

  7. Well, if anybody needs a planned road trip, just ask, I really love this area! Got it all figured out....I think! :)


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