Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Finale- Maritime Travels

Nova Scotia trip came to an end in Lunenburg
I could stay forever ....
how about....
fresh lobster at 7$ a pound from the dock and
cooked up for us by the fisherman right on site!
Mason's Beach
outside of
Lunenburg, Nova Scotia!

Lunenburg is a must see for anybody heading down to Nova Scotia!
and then of course the town is
home to the Blue Nose...
which is presently under repair in a large building in the harbour
I could not possibly do her justice!
But, I will share some images of the colours of Lunenburg....

 Not sure my neighbours would appreciate these colours but they
look fabulous all over this village!!
Of course there are many lovely looking restaurants here but only one
had us coming back...
and that was the Knot Pub...
The chowder is so amazing and the prices are outrageously cheap!
the mussel chowder is slightly richer in flavour but I think the fish chowder was the winner
for me in the end! 

À tantôt


  1. I love rich colours! So beautiful. I'm headed to New Brunswick in 2 weeks, hopefully I'll get a chance to tour some of Nova Scotia as well.


  2. Wonderful photos of Lunenburg. Isn't it the prettiest town? I love the bright colours. I guess when they have foggy days one can find their house easier! :-) The fish chowder sounds delicious and I love lobster! Are you stoppin in N.B. or Fredericton on your way back? Safe travels home! Pamela

  3. Anne, you will love it! I am posting about St. Andrews New Brunswick tomorrow. Lovely spot!

  4. Pamela, it is stunning! The colours are really unique to that area...loved it!! We actually stopped in St. Andrews and are now home.

  5. I hope you consumed lots of lobster at those prices!!! :D I think it's neat how folks in this village do not shy away from color. *awesome* Thanks so much for sharing your pretty photos with us!


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