Sunday, July 3, 2011

Prince William and Kate in Quebec city!

Well, we had some pretty popular visitors here
popular in a good way for the monarchists
and in a bad way for the separatists!!
Since the view was fairly limited and the security so tight
 the protestors ended up providing most
of the entertainment....
I have a feeling this baby has no idea was all the fuss is about!!!

The riot squad never kicked into action but they were ready...

At first I was on the other side with the protestors but eventually found my way
around them to the calmer side....
The security was tight of course...
as expected...
and the visit was short.
They arrived in Québec city in the morning and left
by the end of the afternoon.
We were all surprised that they would even come here....
but off they went to Charlottetown PEI.
I am sure the reception there will be quite different than here!!

À tantôt


  1. Thanks for sharing your photos and comments about the royal visit. I think it is interesting to see what really goes on behind the scenes. When I saw the sign the baby had on, I thought it said something about "cloches"...I've been reading too many blogs.

  2. Well, the hype around the visit to Quebec city has always been around the protests so we were curious to see what would really happen...and they were loud but not as many as they hoped for.


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