Friday, July 22, 2011

Maritime Travels: Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia

 Summer travels still under way..
and on to the lovely village of Mahone Bay!
The homes here that dot the shore line are
simply stunning...
I love the cedar shakes,
the gorgeous windows and the simplistic beauty of these buildings
that face the ocean.
The rose bushes are so stunning and inspire me to attempt the same at home but I am not sure I have enough sun or the right soil. Hmm.....

I just love this hit of red on this beautiful old home. Again, gorgeous doors!
 This appears to be the typical Maritime entrance. A small enclosed porch to keep out those harsh winds.
Everywhere you look 
people have painted their homes and decked them out with window boxes.
Simple yet so cute!
More cedar shakes....
seems that a lot of these homes are summer homes and
this one still has its windows boarded up from the inside?
I love this home-made fence!
Well, next stop Lunenburg, Nova Scotia!!

À tantôt


  1. More lovely photos of beautiful homes. Thanks for sharing. Did you get a picture of the famous 3, or is it 4, churches? You're going to love Lunenburg! Have fun. Pamela

  2. Three churches...and yes I am in love with Lunenburg!!! This just keeps getting better and better with every little village.

  3. Thanks so much for posting these pretty photos. I would love to visit Nova Scotia. Keep the photos coming!!!! :D

  4. These are such pretty homes...and so charming as well. Enjoy your travels!

  5. Hey there Ricki Jill and Gina...I hope you are having a great summer! As Pamela, another Canadian knows, the Maritime provinces are amongst the most beautiful provinces in Canada! The homes, my favourite, are spectacular!! More photos to come!


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