Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Maritime Travels: Chester Nova Scotia

Summer holidays everyone...
I have been travelling around 
the Maritimes...
and lovin' every minute...
we left Quebec city and drove to Halifax..
interesting city with lots of history
but the downtown core is looking a little forlorn...
 Few photos to show from the city but
some really old buildings line the main street that are just waiting to be fixed up...
so in the end we found
only a few stores for shopping!
Oh well...
saved some money and headed along the coast,
leaving the city
along the Lighthouse Route
which has been the best part of our trip so far!!
first stop is
Nova Scotia.
How cute is that!! Lovely robin-egg blue door with a sea shell knocker!!!

No fence...but what a cute entrance gate...I love it!!
I would love to check out a book here
at the town library in Chester...
with a fabulous garden!
lovely fences everywhere....
Look at the top of the image...
The door on this home is just stunning and of course the detail in the trim finishes the look.

That's it...
Next stop......Mahone Bay!!!
À tantôt


  1. Hey, I hope you're enjoying your trip along the coast. Beautiful pictures of Chester. I love that coast line with it's small historic towns and fishing villages. Mahone Bay is beautiful too. Luck you! Enjoy! Pamela

  2. Oh Pamela....I am truly in love!! This area is so gorgeous. I think I am in trouble though...I have this image of a cottage down here with my name on it!!

  3. We almost always escape to Nova Scotia anytime we have two weeks to get away. My folks have a vacay house near Sydney. I've yet to spend much time in Halifax, Dave and I are always on such a beeline to get to that little house on the shore, but the architecture in Halifax makes me think we should slow down a bit next time!

    1. How lucky are you to have a getaway spot in the Maritimes! I really fell in love with Chester, Mahone Bay and that whole south shore area on this trip. I would love to purchase a little summer hideaway down there. Driving through Chester is just breath-taking!


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