Monday, August 1, 2011

Panache Restaurant on Île d'Orléans

Second trip to Panache!
This summer anybody can afford to eat at the fabulous Québec city restaurant...
well, that is .....
if you are willing to head over to the beautiful island of Île d'Orléans
and enjoy perhaps a lobster roll at their mobile restaurant....
 I have been twice and hoping to go again!
The food at the main restaurant...
Panache in the Auberge St. Antoine
is outstanding 
but you have to be ready to spend the money.
We headed over to the island so we could enjoy  their lobster rolls which are incredibly priced at 18$.
Oh, so yummy!!!!!!!! 
And that is a lot of lobster....   oh and did I mention the truffle mayonaise for the frites!!!
and of course since Panache has set up their mobile restaurant
on the site of the vineyard St. Petronile 
 the whole
experience becomes a food-lover's dream!!!
and for the wine lover well you cannot go wrong...
There is a tasting room right on site so you can taste different wines and then choose what you would like to accompany your meal..... I mean how good is that????

I mean really....
there is something about eating in a vineyard that
 makes your lunch soooo special!!
 and of course the view does not hurt either....

 They also have a fixed dinner menu set at 75$.
I am sure it is fantastic...
but I will probably be back for another lobster roll
before the end of the summer!!
À tantôt

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