Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Planning a Trip to Quebec City

Many people coming to Quebec city 
are in search of a trip plan for the quick vacation.
Of course that means you want to do your research to ensure
you spend your time and your money....well.
A few things to remember if you are travelling here within the next few months.
Summer & Fall 2011
Cirque du Soleil will be finishing up their free show on the 3rd of September
I strongly recommend you get tickets if there are any available.
You can click on the image below and you will go directly to their site.

 Visitors wanting to see the Robert Lepage show, 
The Image Mill,
will also need to see it before it finishes up in early September.
Check their site below for more information.
Click on the image and you will be taken directly there.
Moulin à images Québec-2009
By Daniel Paquet

This year they have added in a 3D component.
If you are coming to simply enjoy the old city then you will find yourself
discovering the various areas of the old city....
where the architecture alone can be entertaining.
Of course there is great food and shopping to go along with that.

What to See?
You can certainly get a fair share of exercise walking around the old city so I recommend good shoes
and of course it is always nice to know where to eat and what to see....

As a tourist I often feel I want to mix up the 'tourist' experience with an understanding of how the locals live....
So, let's start with the tourist end of the trip...
Vieux Québec...The old city

Rue St. Jean in the Upper Town
Le Petit Champlain in the lower town is accessible by stairs but you can treat yourself to a funiculaire ride to return to the upper town. This is a very popular area and usually the first area seen by people arriving in the old port by cruise ship. There are lots of stores for shopping and restaurants. A favourite for eating here is the tiny restaurant....Le Lapin Sauté
Quebec City Funiculaire
 by Luciano

Place Royale, in the images below,  is also in the lower part of the old city and a beautiful spot to get a feel for the old architecture and the history of old Quebec. I would recommend if you are a history buff to pick up some literature so you really enjoy and appreciate the stories of this section of the city.
Place Royale Quebec 1
by Axbay

Québec - Place royale 2
by Christope Finot

Québec-Place Royale 2011
by Gilbert Brochenek

 Once you have seen Place Royale, make your way over to Rue St. Paul,
walk through the narrow streets with all the art galleries situated
behind the Musée de la Civilisation.
Rue St. Paul has some wonderful restaurants and
numerous antique stores.

Click on the image below if you want to know exactly what events are taking place during your visit.

Québec - rue du trésor
Rue du Trésor, Upper Town near Chateau Frontenac
by Christophe. Finot  

In the old port you will also find the Market which sells local fruits, vegetables, seafood etc. It is a great place to go and see what produce comes from the beautiful island situated off the shores of Quebec city.....Ile d'Orléans.

It is definitely worth a drive to go and see the island and if your time is limited I would suggest that you simply head over to go for lunch at the Vignoble St-Petronile. The lovely Quebec city restaurant, Panache, which is situated in the Auberge St. Antoine in the city has opened a little satellite restaurant in the vineyard. 
You may want to try out their amazing lobster roll!!
The architecture on the island is fabulous and if you make your way down into the heart of the village of St. Petronile then you may want to stop for ice cream dipped in chocolate at the local chocolatière.
by Gilbertus
This is typical of the homes on the island!
And of course on your way over or back you may choose to visit the Montmorency Falls
where you can walk across the falls or down a large set of stairs next to the falls.
Montmorency Falls, bridge, Quebec City

This is the end of Part One of 
Planning a Trip to Quebec city....

À tantôt


  1. Wow, Quebec City looks beautiful! I've only ever been to Montreal & Niagara Falls, but I'm thinking I need to put Quebec City on my radar.

  2. Gina, you really should. I am thinking that I need to organize a blogger tourist trip!!

  3. This is a wonderful tease to beautiful Quebec City! Great pictures and food ideas. I went as a chaperone with our daughter's grade 9 class trip in 1994! That's a long time ago now so I'd love to go back. A lot of people I know have been there this summer. Thanks for sharing the info. Hopefully I'll get there again some day. Pamela

  4. Beautiful collection of photos, always great fun when other bloggers who take us on tour to amazing little places.


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