Monday, September 5, 2011

Farewell Tad!

  I don't have a summer home,
nor a cottage in the woods,
(although some might argue that my house is like a cottage and it is in the woods)
or even one by the water..
but I do have some favourite summer spots
and this summer
wthout a doubt it has been

There is something about that beach
that you can walk on for miles....

From the village all the way down to the dunes.

All forms of sea life,
some small and living within shells

                                        and others rather large
visiting as I do, 
on an annual basis. Strangely enough
these whales come back with their babies...who then come back with theirs.
I think I might have started the same trend. My mother has come
here with me over the years and now my daughter spends her summers working here....

They all add to the beauty of this place.....
But once September rolls around,
the weather takes hold,
people pack up,
homes are closed up for the winter
and hotels and restaurants are boarded up,
slowly the village life winds down as summer staff head back to school...
Many of them after working here
at this lovely old hotel....
So, with the long weekend coming to an end,
time for me to say farewell...
until next year.
Do you have a favourite summer spot?

 Does that mean I have to put away my red patent leather ballet flats?
À tantôt


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog!

    I really enjoyed your post and the pictures are gorgeous.

  2. Thank you for becoming a follower! I am following your blog, too.

  3. What beautiful views of your favorite summer spot. My favorite spot is by the water too - but on the other side of our huge country, in BC. I go there summer and winter, though, as I don't mind fog and drizzle.

  4. Great Tina...and welcome!
    Pondside, there is something about water that really appeals to me! Certainly BC is a beautiful place to experience that!

  5. What a beautiful spot to spend part of your summers! The whales yearly return is amazing!

  6. Your summer spot is so pretty! My favorite is lovely Lake Martin, Dadeville, Alabama :D

  7. Like your post. This just reminds me that I have to say byebye to my flipflops and all those summer stuff. ^_^

    Eyeball Plant

  8. That is a beautiful place to vacation in summer! Is it along the St. Lawrence River? I think you can keep wearing your red flats. They are cute! My favorite place to holiday is St. Andrews and since you've been there you know why. :-) Have a great week! Pamela

  9. Flip flops...oh no.. that one is very hard!

  10. I love those red shoes!!! never put them away!!! :)

  11. I LOVE your gorgeous shoes! I vote for you wearing them all through winter too!!!!

    That spot looks incredible - I can see why you love it so much.


  12. It sounds like this spot must have many happy memories for you. It is beautiful!

  13. I can see why this is a favourite spot. Next summer we are going to visit Quebec for sure!

  14. What a lovely place to visit in the Summer! How luchky for you. No, don't put away those cute ballet slippers yet!

    Your post and pictures are lovely!

    I am so pleased that you linked to Potpourri Friday. Your participation certainly makes the party more successful . I appreciate you and hope you will make this one of your regular stops each week!

  15. I am so sad to see summer end, but I do enjoy going to the beach during off season...I like when its less crowded. I love he beach. I loved all your beautful beach photos.


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