Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Mom

I am busy working on a basement project that I will post real soon.
but today is a very special day to me....
Yep, it is my mom's birthday!!
Happy 83rd to
a vibrant, beautiful and wonderful mother,
and great-grandmother!

À tantôt


  1. Happy Birthday to your lovely Mom!

  2. A lovely tribute! She looks so happy.

  3. Well, since she is a very active 83 year old techie...I know she will be checking in to read my blog. I feel really lucky and she has certainly been an example to follow...

  4. THanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting today! :) Romantic homes contacted me about 5 months ago and said they might feature me in a future issue..but being 5 months ago..I thought they decided not to! ;) Have a wonderful day~ Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425


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