Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fall Walk

Back in action...
good walking shoes on my feet

(not to worry, my favourite summer red flats are inside the door!)

but I have some serious walking to do
if I  am going to show you our amazing fall colours!
and some other fairly 
typical signs
of autumn 
 in my part of the world.
Voila....typical sighting...on passing cars...

Walking in the woods feels somewhat more dangerous at this time of the year!
And you can see why.
But, for all of this beauty 
it is well worth the adventure....

Right outside our door...
reds, oranges, yellows
are all part of the autumn colour palette in our area.

A good morning hike and you can understand why artists
love to set up their easel and transform these colours onto canvas...

there is a bit of work to be done 
to rake up all these lovely colours
but then a cup of coffee outdoors on the
summer muskoka chairs
at this time of year cannot be beat!

By the end of the month these will
be stored, leaves will be raked
and ...
well you know what is next!

À tantôt


  1. Such beautiful pictures and such a beautiful time of year. Our trees aren't so pretty this year. I hope this changes as they seem to be fading and dropping. Have a great Thanksgiving weekend! Blessings, Pamela

  2. Thank you Pamela. I am sure it is lovely in your area right now as well!
    Happy Thanksgiving! I feel like I have many reasons to give thanks.

  3. Great photos of such a beautiful time of year!

  4. Hey there Gina, love you new profile pic!! Wow! Great shot!

  5. Lovely photos of your Fall colours. My favourite is with the Muskoka chairs. Thanks for your lovely comment and Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. Oh, I forgot to say that I added your blog to my list of favourite Canadian blogs. I like having them all in one list so you all are easy to find. Sorry that I forgot to add when I made the list the other night, but your link is there now.

  7. Thank you Elizabeth. I hope you and your family enjoy a lovely Thanksgiving weekend...Canadian Style!

  8. The fall foliage shots are stunning! :D

  9. Muskoka chairs? I've never heard them called that...only Adirondack chairs. Cool!

    And for all I love living here in Hawaii, I sure do miss the magic with seasons change. Nothing else like it!

  10. Growing up they were called Muskoka Chairs in my neck of the woods but I then left and heard the reference as Adirondack chairs...but obviously Muskoka stuck for me. Funny though, I wonder which place established the original name?

  11. WOW! You have so much beauty to see on your walk! Thanks for taking me along! ♥


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