Monday, October 17, 2011

The Glorious Maple Leaf

Oh, the glorious maple leaf.
So beautiful, so significant
 it is the most recognized symbol for Canada
a truly important player in the Canadian landscape....

 and then again....
my yard.... 

À tantôt???

linking this up to the Little Red House for Mosaic Monday


  1. Beautiful pictures Donna. Your yard and my yard look the same. Our old push mower with the mulcher is broken this year. So many leaves to bag. Maybe they'll all blow to the neighbours yards!

  2. Pamela, I have thought the same thing but this year I am definitely using our mower to mulch them. I am not there will still be some bagging involved.

  3. A yard full of leaves..So pretty at first and then they become work

  4. Beautiful (even though they create extra work!)

  5. Very gorgeous mosaic! I love the pretty leaves and hope to drive somewhere to see some soon! It's GREEN here in Florida! ♥

  6. Yes I do have to admit that they are beautiful. This is one of my favourite times of the year. Just have to get the family out for a day of raking! We usually get a bonfire going to add to the day.

  7. No maple leaves here, and I miss them!

  8. Looks like a maple leaf quilt- gorgeous colours!

  9. Wow Donna amazing pictures! I agree it looks like a quilt! So beautfull I just want to go lie down on it!


  10. Gorgeous pictures, but oh, I feel your pain! We have a bunch of trees in our yard too! Last year we raked 27 bags! Needless to say I'm dreading it!


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