Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Room by Room: Kitchens

Cottage and Vine is hosting a room by room and it is my favourite part of our home so I am linking up.
It is after all the heart of our home
and the place where we all hang out...
and really the biggest renovation we have ever done 
seeing that our home is more or less open concept.
it sort of went on and on ...

Some of you have seen my kitchen in several posts...
so..... sorry about that. 
But here goes...
quick kitchen tour!
this is my favourite spot, the pantry,
great place for making a mess...
right off the kitchen, but hidden from the diningroom
a small pantry but it has been so practical.
The first image is an older image, before black chalkboard paint was used on the doors...
that has been so handy and so practical...

 A lot of action takes place right here!
Small but practical cooking station.

Everything is within reach and it is a nice bright spot for morning coffee at the island
or drinks with friends while cooking.
À tantôt
Linking this up to Cottage and Vine: Room by Room


  1. I love your kitchen! And that cute pantry with the yellow and white skirted counter - Wow! You've done a great job in a little space. Pamela

  2. Love your kitchen!! And, that beautiful wood door near the stove. What a unique space, the tile back splash...I could go on and on. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. Thank you Pamela...I know you have seen it before but glad you are willing to see it again! I love changing up the skirt with the seasons!
    Alycia, your kitchen fits right in with my style! Really loved seeing it.

  4. Where to begin! The yellow and white striped skirt adds so much charm! Love the subway tile and all of your touches. Very nice!

    Thanks so much for sharing your kitchen in the Room By Room series!


  5. I love it all, but that Yellow and White striped little curtain just steals the show. How cute and elegant at the same time! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous kitchen. Especially the yellow and white striped skirt. It adds just the right touch of personality. You did good here!

  7. The yellow and white material was a real find at IKEA. It was so inexpensive and yet the weight of the fabric is really heavy so it hangs well. I love it too!
    Thanks for dropping by!

  8. i looove your use of the yellow striped fabric. fabulous.

  9. I love that yellow & white striped fabric. Fabulous!


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