Wednesday, November 30, 2011

And We Are Off.... Christmas Decorating !

Okay, so it is no secret to my family and friends
that I love decorating for Christmas.
I don't go overboard but I do try to 
create as much as I can with natural materials...
no allergies in that sense around our home
so we are good to go
with all the cedar and pine boughs
we can muster!!

I usually like to do
something with a sense of tradition
and well of course
I am a sucker for the 'pretty' factor!
So, I have been collecting ideas on Pinterest
and here are some of my possibilities so far...


Absolutely loving the colour here and
even though I am a bit of a white fanatic
I want some colour at Christmas!
tree in the basement.....take note!

Feels a bit like our the simplicity of this little tree with the window wreath
Okay, love the decorations but I think I am really lovin' that plate rack!! Wow-za!!
Hmmm.... this would have worked in the old kitchen design when we had our hanging
pot rack!
Got to find me some more pine cones...
Love the wreath on the inside of the door! Why not!
 How cute are these wreaths off the back of the chairs...would not last long at our place kinda' fun.
This is definitely happening on my outside decorated urns!
Perhaps not as bright as Sarah Richardson chose.... but you get where I am going...
I have my 'santa' hidden in the pantry (just click to check it out)
there is lots more to do!
let the decorating begin!!
Anybody else doing decorations au naturel?
À tantôt


  1. Some fantastic inspiration, the second photo is lovely! I'm going to start the decorating tonight, need to make it kid friendly as the kiddos are climbing into everything!

  2. Beautiful inspiration photos. I must check out Pinterest. I love the tree dressed in pink vintage ornaments. Have a great day!

  3. My eye and mind stopped before 'create,' and what I read was 'I don't go overboard but I do try.' :<)
    I just saw on Niki's blog that she had bought a rosemary tree and might put lights on it.

    Scroll down about halfway. Wouldn't you like one? I would.

  4. These are beautiful images!
    I love vintage ornaments- although, sometimes I sneak in reproductions! Oops, with 4 kiddos running around, the glass ones live life on the brink of disaster!
    Thank you for popping by my place!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  5. Our tree is over the top and obnoxious. But the rest of our decor is a little more simple with fresh greenery and flowers. We decorate with the fresh stuff a bit closer to Christmas. Nice, inspiring photos! I love the bay window in the breakfast room. *cute*

  6. Well, I am so excited to share with you the results of my Christmas tree decorating for our newly renovated basement! Coming up next!


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